Forearm & Elbow Protector

The Forearm and Elbow protectors are designed to be worn under a coverall, in conduction with upper arm protectors and gloves. They provide protection from just above the elbow joint to just above the wrist.

Once the protectors have been snuggly fastened in position with the straps, the elbow joint should be fully manoeuvrable and able to perform a full rotation of the elbow joint with the minimum of effort.

Particular care must be taken that gloves do not push down onto the protector and that coveralls are not restrictive when covering the Forearm and Elbow protectors.


Forearm & Elbow Protector – FRM040 & LFMO030
X-Small Under 140
Small 140 – 150
Regular 150 – 175
Large 175 – 190
X-Large 190+